About me

How nice that you are looking at my website!

Mijn naam is Monique Désar en ik ben Designer. Ik ben min of meer ‘per toeval’ in dit vak terecht gekomen. Ruim tien jaar geleden begon ik in de fashionwereld als make-up artist. Vrij snel echter ontdekte ik de styling- en ontwerpkant. Ik wist meteen dat dáár mijn grote passie lag. En ligt. Wat begon met een eerste styling van een jurk met bloemenfolie (!), is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot mijn dagelijkse werk.

Over the past ten years I have enjoyed working mostly on commission. However, designing and making unique (wedding)dresses was so time-consuming that I ran out of time to further develop my own creativity. So, I took the plunge and now focus 200% on my creative freedom.

Something of nothing

My challenge lies mainly in creating designs with strange and peculiar materials; from umbrella covers to sleeping masks, from pillow cases to place mats. This has actually always remained. I can move forward with any material. Of course I also work with luxurious and expensive fabrics, but I still enjoy creating something from nothing.

Two passions

I also enjoy writing. After previous blogs, I am currently writing a monthly column for the Tophair hairdresser magazine. This way I combine two of my passions, how cool is that ?!

Rental Styling Kits

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to present myself internationally in the photography world in the past ten years. Many renowned photographers, make-up artists and models now know me and my work. I was also allowed to work with various celebrities. Recently I added two new concepts to my work: the rental of couture designs and styling. With my Rental Styling Kits I offer models and photographers the opportunity to rent and shoot exclusive and unique designer pieces for a relatively low price.