How nice that you are looking at my website!

My name is Monique Desar and I am a Designer. I ended up in this profession more or less "accidentally". More than ten years ago I started in the fashion world as a make-up artist. Pretty soon, however, I discovered the styling and design part. I immediately knew that that was where my great passion lay. And lies. What started with the first styling of a dress with floral foil (!), has grown into my daily work.

Over the past ten years I have enjoyed working mostly on commission. However, designing and making unique (wedding)dresses was so time-consuming that I ran out of time to further develop my own creativity. So, I took the plunge and now focus 200% on my creative freedom.

About the Kits

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to present myself internationally in the photography world in the past ten years. Many renowned photographers, make-up artists and models now know me and my work. I was also allowed to work with various celebrities. Recently I added two new concepts to my work: the rental of couture designs and styling. With my Rental Styling Kits I offer models and photographers the opportunity to rent and shoot exclusive and unique designer pieces for a relatively low price.