Rent me as a stylist

If you really want to show off at your photo shoot for an optimal result, it might be a great idea to hire me as your personal stylist on the spot. Of course I pay attention to other things than a make-up artist or hairstylist and a photographer sometimes does not see certain things.

Switch immediately

The big advantage is that I can watch through the camera and can therefore immediately switch if a design does not perform as well in the photo as expected. Or that we still need certain accessories. Of course I can make creations just that little bit bigger or more impressive on the spot, by bringing extra fabrics and adding them.

Optimal result

Just a few examples for when you hire me for a day as your personal stylist. Then there are just a little more possibilities to achieve an optimal result.

If you hire me, only the daily rate counts and the costs for renting a creation are for me.

Rates vary as every shoot is different. I also make a difference between a commercial or non-commercial assignment.

More info? App me!