Workshop: Creëer jouw eigen Styling Kit

1 on 1 workshops

It is of course great to be able to rent a unique design, but isn't it even more fun to make it yourself? Your own design, for your own photo shoot!

That possibility is here with the 1 on 1 workshop "Create your own Styling Kit". This is an approximately 4-hour workshop (including lunch), where you and I will make a unique creation for your photo shoot together. I also teach you how to create multiple possibilities with this design.
Dit is een ongeveer 4 uur durende workshop (inclusief lunch), waarbij jij en ik samen een unieke creatie gaan maken voor jouw fotoshoot. Ook leer ik je hoe je met dit ontwerp meerdere mogelijkheden kunt creëren.

What do we do?
You create a mood board in advance; in a certain style and atmosphere, with perhaps already certain

colors or materials, plus examples of designs that you want to work out. I then look for the materials for this, including basic pieces such as a corset, body or dress. We will then work from one of these basic pieces. Of course I will state honestly if something is not feasible to make it, in terms of time or budget.

Became curious?

Feel free to text me for all your questions.

This workshop costs €225,-